• SSD automatic solution in saudi arabia

SSD automatic solution in saudi arabia


Type : Offer Service
Date : August 15, 2023
Condition : New


Our Casalab Palm laboratory is in charge of cleaning banknotes with security marked in (green, red and black), we have a group of expert chemists in the field with a professional experience of more than 3 years. We put our experience with NGOs, SMEs, users with a package, people in possession of packages that have been abandoned to them. We have the latest generation products:

– Beaver. – Astro – Universal SSD and other products so we didn’t mention the names.

We also have powders for heating, conservation, activation and reactivation. We also have the latest generation machines to quickly do your job in 24 hours or more or less depending on the condition of your packages. Please contact us for more information:

PHONE: 00212 659106748 ENG. : DR ABDOUCOURE OMAR / Whatsapp: 00966 595969107

Email: abdoucoureomar@xxx.xxx / abdelilahomarahed@xxx.xxx/mohamadrezaomar1976@xxx.xxx

Website: http://laboratoireomar.byethost10.xxx

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اخبر صاحب الاعلان انك وجدت اعلانه على موقع اعلانات مازادوكا السعودية لتسهيل عمليه التفاهم


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